Duplicating a project

 Only administrators and power-builders can duplicate projects. Power-planners can only duplicate the diagram.

Circle allows you to duplicate an existing project, template or flow pattern. Instances cannot be duplicated.

Duplicating a project can be useful in the following cases:

     To rapidly copy a project and customize its content for a different customer.

     To keep a backup of the original project.

     To reuse successful projects quickly and easily, and thus increase ROI.

 When duplicating a project, comments are not copied to the new project.

To duplicate a project:.

1.     From the File menu, select Open/Organize.

2.       In the My Projects tab, hover over the project you wish to duplicate, click the menu icon and select Duplicate .
The Duplicate dialog box opens.

3.     In the Name field enter a unique name, and from the Type list select a project type.

4.     If you are duplicating a sketch project, continue to step 7. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

5.     In the Include section, select one of the following:

    Diagram Only - to copy only the diagram. Any unsaved changes made to the diagram are saved in the duplicated project only and not in the original project.

    All Content - to copy the entire content of the project, excluding report data (tracking events), the website and friendly URL. This means that you will have to recreate these for the new project.

You can also select whether to include project-level users, and/or the master list data sources. Note that only the data sources selected in the master list definition will be duplicated.

6.     From the Target list, select the target uProduce account.

7.     Click Save.