Configuring PDF On Demand touchpoints

A PDF on Demand touchpoint represents a personalized PDF document in a webpage or an email.

You may save a copy of a PDF on Demand document at the time the document is requested by the recipient, e.g. when the PDF on Demand link is clicked. This is very useful in the world of VDP for keeping an exact copy of what the recipient initially viewed. The copy is saved to a target destination which you define in the uProduce dashboard.

Note that the copy is not kept when generating a live preview from the diagram. It is kept only when executing the PDF on demand document from an email or webpage.

To configure a PDF On Demand touchpoint:

1.     In the diagram, click the Production icon above the touchpoint to open the Production dialog box.

2.     From the Document dropdown list, select an existing dynamic document or create a new one (see Uploading a print document to the touchpoint).

3.     In the Settings section, select the output file name. You can choose one of the following options:

    Static: select this option to create a static name for the output PDF file. By default, the name of the document selected in the Document field is automatically filled in.

    ADOR: select this option to create a dynamic file name and then choose an ADOR object from the dropdown list. Using this option, you can personalize the PDF file name. Learn more

4.     If you wish to keep a copy of the document, in the Keep a Copy section select the destination for the document from the Destination dropdown list. This list includes uProduce destinations of type FTP Site and Network Path. Destinations are defined in uProduce at the Settings > Destinations area.

When a PDF on Demand document with a Keep a Copy setting is produced (e.g. on clicking the link in the email or webpage), a copy of the document is generated and saved to the specified destination, using the specified output file name.

5.     Click Save to save the touchpoint changes. Once saved, the PDF on demand document becomes available online and the PDF automatic link ADOR object will now function.

6.     Click Close to close the dialog box.

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