Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions regarding SMS touchpoints.


How can I know what SMS capabilities are available in the countries where my recipients reside?

Each country supports different capabilities and has specific restrictions. See more about capabilities and restrictions.


What should I write in the "From" field when sending an SMS?

This depends on the country you want to send your SMS campaign to. Each country has different regulations for the sender. You have all the info regarding the country in this link, but in short here are some guidelines:

    For most European countries, the sender can be an alphanumeric value, using a shared number of Vonage.

    For the US and Canada, it will depend on the type of campaign. Circle currently doesn’t support promotional messages, so there is no need for short codes just yet. The most common options would be long numbers or toll-free numbers. Example


What is the required format for the recipient phone number?

The required format for the recipient mobile number is dependent on your SMS provider. For Vonage, you should enter the country code and digits only. No plus, dash or spaces are permitted.

To help with this, PersonalEffect 9.7 introduced a new function called CleanNumber into uPlan, uCreate Print and uProduce. This function is designed to remove any non-digits from your recipient list mobile phone numbers.


Do I sign up with XMPie as my SMS provider (similar to XES)?

No, XMPie is not the SMS provider. XMPie offers tight integration with Vonage SMS provider. However, you can use any SMS provider of your choice.

If you're considering Vonage, please contact your XMPie account manager, who can put you in touch with the right person at Vonage.


What do I need from my SMS provider?

In order to define your SMS provider, if you’re using Vonage you will need the API key and API password.

If you are using a custom provider, check with the provider what you’ll need.


Is XMPie a Vonage reseller?

No. XMPie is not reselling the service. You will need to create a Vonage account or use another provider.

If you're considering Vonage, contact your XMPie account manager, who can put you in touch with the right person at Vonage.


Can I configure Circle to work with my SMS provider?

Yes. If you already have an account with an SMS provider that has API access that works by posting JSON to their endpoint URL, you should be able to configure Circle to work with them.


Are messages supported in all languages?

Yes. There is full message support in all languages, including European accented characters, Asian CJK characters and right-to-left languages.


Can I send triggered SMS messages?

No. Mass SMS is currently the only option. Individual triggered SMS will come in the future.


Can I send promotional SMS messages?

No. Currently transactional SMS is the only option. A future release will add an option for promotional SMS that will work in a similar way to the commercial email setting.


How many messages can I send?

The SMS feature supports sending up to 100,000 messages in one send. Batching and throttling are handled automatically behind the scenes.


Can I track SMS events?

With this initial release there is no tracking of SMS events, but it will be added in a future release.


Does the SMS feature allow for SMS replies and unsubscribes?

No, this will be added in future releases.