SMS touchpoints

Prerequisite: PersonalEffect 9.7 or higher

SMS (text message) provides and easy method of adding mass or bulk SMS messaging to your cross media campaigns. XMPie customers are expected to engage an SMS provider in order to use SMS. XMPie offers tight integration with Vonage SMS provider. However you can use any SMS provider of your choice.

Currently, Circle supports mass SMS touchpoints only. These are SMS messages that are distributed to your recipient list. For example, you may send all recipients an SMS, inviting them to visit their personalized websites. Triggered SMS messages are not yet supported.

In addition, only transactional SMSs are supported. Transactional messages can be sent to existing recipients with whom the sender already has a relationship, or to those who have explicitly requested receiving such messages.

Even though currently in Circle SMS is a one-way communication, the power of SMS goes far beyond simply sending someone a text message. As the Builder, you can continue the customer journey by embedding a personal URL (PURL) in the SMS message. In the PURL (website), all events are tracked, giving you the full benefit of driving the customer journey based on the recipient's interaction with the PURL.

Typical use cases for mass SMS are sending a reminder SMS to those who have already opted in (i.e. a doctor's appointment, conference participation), or invitation RSVPs.

Previously, the SMS touchpoint in Circle was merely a placeholder which existed in the diagram but had no functionality behind it. Now, you can use the new SMS touchpoint to implement SMS directly from Circle. You define the touchpoint settings, and then execute it via the Production dialog box.

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