Circle Analytics

Circle Analytics includes predefined, out-of-the-box email reports available for your email touchpoints. You no longer needed to define basic email reports using Marketing Console (MC) since all email touchpoints automatically include the predefined reports. Nonetheless, Circle continues to give access to MC reports.

Using Circle Analytics, you can test and measure campaign results to better understand customer behavior and maximize campaign effectiveness, and decide on the next steps in your marketing strategy. For example, you can identify the peak performance time and the best performing links in the email.

Circle Analytics email reports are available for new projects as well as for existing ones.

Circle Analytics uses an algorithm that is slightly different to the one used by Marketing Console in order to provide a more realistic result. Circle Analytics improves the metrics as follows:

     The Open count is increased if the recipient clicked but there was no tracked open event (due to the fact that some clients block open event tracking). If the recipient clicked, we deduce that he/she must have opened the email.

     The Click count is reduced if the recipient also unsubscribed. The click count represents success in the email performance whereas unsubscribe reflects the opposite. Circle Analytics cleans up the click count to better reflect the true success of an email.

Analytics window

The following is the Circle Analytics window:


Shows the project name, the touchpoint name and the last time the report was generated. You can force generation at any time by clicking the refresh button.

More Reports link

Opens a secondary reports window displaying your Marketing Console reports.


Key metrics

List reports

Email performance chart

Link performance

Performance Over Time

Devices and top clients



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