Circle Analytics

Note: Circle Analytics currently supports email, SMS and web touchpoints only.

Circle Analytics includes predefined, out-of-the-box reports available for your touchpoints. You no longer needed to define basic reports using Marketing Console (MC) since touchpoints automatically include the predefined reports. Nonetheless, Circle continues to give access to MC reports.

Using Circle Analytics, you can test and measure campaign results to better understand customer behavior and maximize campaign effectiveness, and decide on the next steps in your marketing strategy. For example, you can identify the peak performance time and the best performing links in an email.

Circle Analytics reports are available for new projects as well as for existing ones.

Analytics of a touchpoint can be shared with people outside the scope of Circle. Customers do not need to log into Circle or be Circle users in order to view analytics of their campaign. It is possible to provide them a direct link to analytics by placing it in any correspondence or third-party dashboard, to make it easily accessible by others. When the customer clicks the link, it opens the analytics in a browser window (desktop or mobile), independent of Circle. 

Access Circle Analytics

Click the Analytics icon above the touchpoint to view the analytic reports for that touchpoint:

Analytics window

The following is the Circle Analytics window for an email touchpoint:


Shows the project name and the touchpoint name. You can force generation at any time by clicking the refresh button.

More Reports link

Opens a secondary reports window displaying your Marketing Console reports. (Not available for SMS touchpoints.)

Copy link

Since Circle Analytics works as a standalone application, you can create a link to it that can be shared with others. The link is valid for a year.

You may choose whether to allow the recipient of the link to download list reports.

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